3 Reasons to Choose Glasses over Contact Lenses

On the internet, you can find tons of articles about the never-ending battle between eyeglasses and contact lenses. You’ll read thorough explanations about both, and you’ll end up all those articles not having a single idea of what you’ve read and what to choose. See some of these battles here.

We’re going to give you an entirely different approach to the subject. We are giving you three reasons why frames are better than contact lenses. These three are so easily explained, that you’ll immediately solve your problem over which one is better. Read on if you want to know what to get and end hesitation.

1. They are easy to maintain

Did you know that contact lenses need to be placed in special cases and washed thoroughly before and after use? This can be so overwhelming. On the other hand, the eyeglasses are too easy to handle. You just take them off your head and leave them anywhere.

The best place is the special case made for them which you most probably get when you’re buying, but it’s not terrible if you leave them anywhere. They won’t be ruined, and you can use them whenever you like. Contacts need to be replaced after some time and this is one of the greatest reasons why to choose frames.

2. They are a fashion accessory

When you put contact lenses in your eyes, you’re not getting anything else but improving the seeing ability. Of course, this is the main point of why would you wear an impairment aid, but if you get yourself glasses, then you have the chance to completely change your looks.

The glasses are now a fashion accessory rather than just an item of help. Cool eyeglasses like Calvin Klein glasses or some of the other famous brands are altering your image in front of others easily. You get to become someone else and you have so many options and chances for a different look.

3. They are way safer

Eyeglasses are safer than contact lenses. They are harder to be broken and they can’t be lost that easily as the contacts can. If you happen to be in an accident, the contacts are staying inside your eyes, but the glasses are going to fall if after just a little bump.

That means if you happen to be in a car accident or something similar, you may become entirely blind after the contacts break inside your eyes and completely ruin them. There’s no lying that frames can also cause damage, but stats say that chances are lower to get serious damages from eyeglasses.


If you’re on the fence about what’s better for you, then this article is going to help you make up your mind. Sometimes in life, we just need someone experienced to tell us what’s better.

Contact lenses are only better for those who want to hide that they are wearing glasses and take the risks from having them. All other situations are better off with wearing glasses.