5 Movies That May Inspire You to Protect the Planet

At one point or the other in our lives, we are all going to need some sort of inspiration to fuel our passion.

Are you one of those who are passionate about protecting the planet? Are you looking for something that will inspire you to take positive actions that will result in changes? Then, maybe some good movies suggested by users on UK.collected.reviews might be the right inspiration for you.

Here are 5 movies that will most likely inspire you in your quest to protect the planet and help you choose the best energy network.

1.      The Road

The Road is a popular sci-fi movie that is recommended for everyone who is committed to saving the planet. If you are also agitated by the environmental degradations going on here and there, this is one movie that is worth seeing.

It provides an exposition of some human actions that affects the planet. It also provides some vital steps that can be followed to effect changes.

2.      Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is a true life story of a lady who devoted almost all her life to saving the planet. Though at several points, she was resisted by what you will call the forces that be, she stood her ground on what she believed was going to liberate the entire human race.

What you will pick from this movie is that every time there is an imminent damage to the planet, it profits someone.

3.      I Heart Huckabees

It’s almost difficult to grasp what inspired the title of this movie – I Heart Huckabees, but a few scenes into the movie clears the air. Think of Huckabees as anything that makes saving the planet possible or easy. When you do, think how much passion you will have for such a thing if you come in contact with it.

However, the central message of this movie is that the fight to protect the planet is not an easy fight and definitely not for the weak.

4.      Avatar

There are just very few children who did not watch Avatar growing up. It was the go-to movie that every kid looked forward to watching when they got back from school. However, beyond the interesting character build-up of this movie is an underlying message that explains how people connive to damage the planet.

Avatar also shows you on another end the steps that can be taken to prevent such actions and preserve the planet.

5.      Prophecy

It is almost difficult to know how to protect the planet without having an understanding of how we got here. Just like the name implies, prophecy talks about the future and how much damage will be done to the planet.

This movie was released many years ago and it outlines some of the many challenges the planet will face in the future. Several years down the line, we are seeing many of the predictions that were made in that movie playing out.

Watching movies don’t just inform your passion to protect the planet, they are also capable of inspiring it. However, to be sure you are being inspired in the right direction, you must know the kind of movies you are watching. This is why we have provided you with the best 5 planet-themed movies.