7 Sports Shoe Brands in the United States

If you’re a sports lover, you already know many sport shoe brands in the USA. Collected.Reviews has client opinions about the brands considered the best sport shoe brands and why they’re considered the best. These are brands that produce and promote comfortable, breathable, and sleek sports shoes for their international vendors.

As the athletic footwear booms in America, so do fitness conscious citizens explore them. There are many sportsmen and women today. These are not those who engage in sport actively. They extend to those who use these shoes for gym activities, even fashion according to shoe stores reviews. Their increasing number has led to an increase in sport shoe brands everywhere in the world. Some of the top recognized brands in the US are:

1.  Nike:

As an American multinational corporation, this company has dominated athletic footwear for many years now. As a brand that has been incorporated since 1969, their “Just Do It” slogan appealed and captured the market. Although they have rivals, the company experiences tremendous success in countries within and outside the US. They remain a leading sports brand in the globe and the need for their product is always on the rise.

2.  Adidas:

This is a German multinational corporation with different athletic products. Their accessories include clothes and shoes. This brand is considered the number two sportswear brand in the world. The company has extended its productions to incredible sneaker design.

3.  Under Armour:

This is another brand that has been established since 1996. It is a younger brand that focuses on sports shoes. The company explores innovative fabric technology and other eco-friendly materials for its operations. They also recognize professional athletes and local athletes to create wears that make them stronger. Their goal is sometimes to outdo competitors with their great designs and products.

4.  Skechers:

This is another brand in existence since 1992. As a brand of American lifestyle in the fashion of sportswear, they’re worth billions of dollars. With their athleisure trends in retail stores, they produce different sport styles, shoes, and clothes. Everyone can comfortably work out in them and also look good.

5.  Saucony:

This is another brand founded in 1898. It is based on trail running, walking, casual, and racing shoes for both ordinary and sport-conscious persons.

6.  Avia:

This is another brand with a primary focus on running, lifestyle shoes, and yoga products. They are also active in sport accessories and activewear. The company has been said to evolve the athletic and fitness industry. With their years of existence, they incorporate experience and technology to produce high-quality sports shoes.

7.  Brooks Sports:

This was founded in 1914 in Seattle. It is a company that identifies itself as a strategic company established to produce a broad range of sports footwear. The company has made robust sales in the industry and the growth is still increasing.

There are other brands like Amer Sports, Newton Running, Nfinity Athletic Corporation, Eddie Bauer, Columbia Sportswear, and lots more. These brands offer distinct products for men and women. They complement their style with the trademark and elegance their products come with.