Cropped Or Full-Size? Best Cardigan According To Your Style

Cropped Or Full-Size? Best Cardigan According To Your Style

Getting into the cold season means we have to include warm pieces into our daily outfits while making sure we stay stylish.

One clothing item that will save you during the winter is a warm cardigan, but how do you choose the right one so that you can get the most use out of it and style it in as many ways as possible? In this article, we will help you decide if you should go for a cropped cardigan or a full size one. We made a comparison between the two of them with some styling suggestions, so you can get a better idea of what fits your style. If you read the article and still can’t decide, you should treat yourself and get both, but another question arises: Neutral or colorful? We’ll come back to that next time.


A cropped cardigan might seem unnatural, as the purpose of a cardigan is to keep you warm, and a cropped one might not provide as much coziness. However, cropped cardigans are becoming more and more popular and if you pair them with the right clothes, they will still fulfill their purpose and keep you away from getting cold.

A cropped cardigan is a very stylish piece that is easy to style in many outfits. This style of cardigans will be perfect for someone that loves to wear dresses, because it is more flattering than a full-size cardigan. For example, you can take a midi dress, either bodycon or a more ample one, add some boots and a cropped cardigan on top and you have a stylish and very cozy outfit.

Because the cardigan is cropped, it will bring attention to the waist, accentuating it and giving you a flattering look. And if you decide dresses are not for you, a cropped cardigan will also look flattering with any high waisted pair of jeans. Make sure you add a shirt underneath and you have a comfy outfit.

Full-size Stylish

For the ones that are always cold and looking for ways to ensure they stay warm throughout the whole winter, a full-size cardigan is the perfect option.

This style works with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. However, if you choose to wear a dress with a full-size or longer cardigan, make sure the dress is not much longer than the cardigan, as it will look better with a shorter or same sized one.

But when it comes to anything else, longer cardigans work well with jeans, trousers and even joggers and they keep you extra warm because of their length. If you are not sure what to get, check out as they have a wide variety of longer cardigans that you can choose from. After you find the perfect one for you, keep in mind that this piece can be worn on its own or under a coat for even more warmth during the cold season.

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