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In addition to this, all students on the programme will take the module EDU308 Industrial Educational Placement. This will span one semester and provide you with industry experience whilst you study your other modules for that semester. This can be in a formal educational context such as a school, FE college or nursery setting. However, it can also be in industry with a training or educational role such as local government, NGOs or commerce. BSc Business Studies with Education gives you the opportunity of choosing a pathway to suit your own personal interests and career aspirations.

In our survey, we asked stakeholders which types of poverty-related activity they currently observed at their Business Schools? Top-cited by the students, graduates and Business School professionals was knowledge sharing and research, mentioned by 39% of respondents, followed by ‘operating in a way which focuses on the welfare of societies instead of profit’, cited by 34%. Among Business Schools professionals alone, the proportion was 59% in each case. PGDE operates a model whereby students attend classes on campus followed by blocks of continued learning on placement. Assessment can be via one method or a combination e.g. examination and coursework . Assessment is designed to assess your achievement of the module’s stated learning outcomes.


Teaching begins in S1 and S2, where pupils are introduced to Business Management and Digital Literacy . Business Management, along with Economics, can be studied at Higher in either S5 or S6, with Business Management offered at Advanced Higher level to S6 pupils . Understanding the skills, and qualities of an Administrative Assistant, customer care, health and safety, security of people, property and information. Developing an understanding of how businesses are setup, the risks involved and the benefits gained. Globalisation – an investigation into what globalisation is and the impact of multinational companies.

  • You have the opportunity to achieve up to 120 credits at Masters level which can be used towards further study following the course.
  • If you go on to do the Masters in Education, all you’ll have to do is complete two masters level classes, a research class, and a dissertation.
  • In this module, student learning, progression and achievement is closely monitored and supported by the module coordinator.
  • In addition to this, all students on the programme will take the module EDU308 Industrial Educational Placement.
  • English language requirementsYou’re required to have a suitable minimum level of competency in the English language if your first language is not English or if you haven’t been educated wholly or mainly in the medium of English.

Job vacancies are normally advertised on local authority websites or look on the myjobscotland website. For entry to the PGDE, you need an approved degree together with Higher English and Maths or Applications of Maths at National 5 – some institutions specify at B. Your degree should normally contain 80 Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework credit points from Accounting, Economics and Business Management.

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This module encourages students to reflect on and assess a variety of approaches to teaching and learning in creating effective learning environments. The module offers a theoretical and practical approach to exploring the educational policies and practices that foster the key conditions for creating an effective learning environment. Business and enterprise are at the heart of national growth and development. Business-related courses offer pupils the opportunity to access, understand and contribute to the dynamic business environment. Graduates of this programme are currently working across a broad range of areas. Some are working as teachers of business and economics education, while others have jobs as middle and senior managers in schools.

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His newly revamped workshop seeks to provide students with an overview of the personal finance and equip students with the skills needed to be successful in their future careers. His workshop supports students to develop a better understanding of leadership styles, as volunteers and students work through kamerhiphop.com interactive activities which increase their leadership skills. Career Insight Visit gives students an insight into the corporate world. Students are given the opportunity to visit a company in the City or Canary Wharf and learn more about the different career roles in a corporate environment.