Finding The Right Healing Crystals For You

Finding the suitable crystals for you can be a personal journey. Working with crystals can be deeply personal, so it’s essential to find the right healer, the suitable crystals, and the right combination. You may find that the crystals your friends use do not work for you, which is just part of finding your healing. Healing crystals can be used for various reasons, from clearing your energy field to attracting positive energy. However, finding a reliable source for crystals may seem tricky. Therefore, a few websites like a free review platform can help you find the perfect crystal store, such as Psychic Tree UK, which can help you with your healing process in no time.

What Is The Purpose of Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals can be used for various reasons, from clearing your energy field to attracting positive energy. In addition, many ancient cultures in the regions of Greece, China, and Egypt believe that crystals work with healing abilities to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Furthermore, crystals are powerful healing tools to help heal various ailments, including depression, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, they have the power to attract positive energy into your life by transforming your body’s aura.

The Science of Healing Crystals

Many studies show that healing crystals have been dismissed as a pseudoscience, while others also show that they give off a placebo effect. However, crystals are minerals made from various elements and compounds that hold energy. Seeing that humans are made from different energies, studies mention that we can exchange energy with these crystals when we align with them on a mental level. In addition, since some crystals are piezoelectric, they balance electric charges and enhance the function of many objects, including watches, lasers, plugs, and some hospital equipment. On the other hand, healing crystals balance the frequency of electromagnetic currents constantly running through your body.

Different Crystals And Their Purpose

For health purposes, clear quartz, amethyst, jasper, obsidian, and bloodstone are the perfect crystal options for you. Clear quartz is the master healer, amethyst enhances your willpower, jasper relieves stress, obsidian helps you process emotions, and bloodstone provides circulation for any blood-relating health issues. If you are trying to heal yourself for love, the moonstone, rose quartz, and ruby is your top choice. While moonstone prompts inner strength, rose quartz encourages love and trust, and ruby supports sensuality and sexuality. Moreover, to increase wealth in your life, the tiger’s eye, jade, sapphire, citrine, and turquoise are all good crystal sources of motivation. In light of that, the tiger’s eye reduces fear, the jade and sapphire increase your luck and prosperity, the citrine enhances concentration and enthusiasm, and finally, the turquoise soothes emotions and attracts luck.

How To Use Healing Crystals Properly

It may surprise you to note that crystals are delicate and require careful care to carry healing energy for you consistently. Therefore, you can follow a few steps to use healing crystals correctly and ensure that you get the most out of your crystal energy cleansing experience. Firstly, you need to determine what is wrong and then choose your crystals by focusing on what you are trying to heal. Next, you must cleanse and respect the crystals by burning sage to create clean energy. Furthermore, focus on what you are recovering from, encouraging your mind and body to cooperate. Finally,  if you focus on your emotions, place the right crystal on your forehead and your stomach if you intend to heal the body.