How to build an ideal 3-piece outfit for autumn events

How to build an ideal 3-piece outfit for autumn events

With September having just ended, and the spooky season being right around the corner, everyone is going to need a simple, casual, yet highly elegant outfit to rock on any occasion. Whether it’s the Halloween costume party you’re going to go to dress as yourself or your family’s much-awaited Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be needing something that’s going to make everyone say “yup, there she is, with one of those amazing outfits she always has, classic her!”. And of course, when you gloat in all of that popularity, remember to thank me, will you?

A white floral dress

If you still miss summer like I do, and want to make this known to all your friends, make sure you have a white floral dress or skirt in your wardrobe.

This piece of clothing can give you the freedom and elegance you always desired, and can still leave space for improvisation. Rather than getting that old pair of jeans, you got tired of wearing 2 autumns ago out of the closet, think of refreshing your wardrobe with a simple, sweet, and incredibly versatile dress that will work for every season.

The only question you should think of when choosing this dress would be “what flowers should it have on it?”, and I already have the answer to that: whatever you like! However, since autumn is their season, I’d highly recommend sunflowers. Plus, the color scheme will be astonishing!

An Irish Sweater

The centerpiece of your future outfit, the Irish sweater is as comfortable as it is useful. If you look for Irish sweaters and Ireland is too far away, you can always look for Irish sweaters online at these . If you decide to wear it with the dress, make sure you pick one in an off-white color or something baby blue. One thing I love about this timeless item is that no matter what you choose to pair it with, it always works! Be it that pair of jeans I mentioned earlier, or something as delicate and gentle as the flower dress you’re gonna wear it with, the only thing you should be worried about is how many of these you’ll get.

What I love the most about them is that while they keep you warm and cozy, there’s one more hidden benefit to them: they are water repellant, so they’re perfect for a stormy, humid day of autumn, and you don’t even have to worry getting a punch on them during the Halloween party!

The point is: the Irish sweater is the way to go if you want to look classy, cozy, and comfortable at the same time.

A pair of simple white shoes

To finish this aesthetically pleasing look off, this pair of white shoes will be the final touch. As many people say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this outfit is no exception.

The combination between the Irish sweater and the simple dress can only be crowned by a pair of elegant, simple, and delicate white shoes. Regardless of their brand, a lady should always keep a pair of such shoes in her closet, for casual and semi-formal events.

It’s probably one of the best things to have for all occasions, but that’s a topic for another time!

Et voila, your incredible 3 piece outfit is complete! Don’t forget to complete your set if you haven’t already!

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