Market: 11 Local Baby and Children’s Fashion Brands

Market- Local baby and children’s fashion brands are increasingly competitive in offering clothes that are not only stylish but of high quality. Various breakthroughs and design innovations have made several brands of baby and children’s clothes popular in the international market.

Of course, this makes us proud to continue to choose and use products made in Indonesia. Make children and babies look stylish with adorable designs but still prioritize comfort.

Here are 11 local baby and children’s fashion brands

1. Bohopanna

BohoPanna, previously known as BohoBaby, has proven that the design and quality of their apparel can compete globally in various countries in Asia, America, and Europe. In addition to various breakthroughs and adorable design innovations, BohoPanna spoils us with a super-complete collection from newborns to children.

2. Sabine & Heem

The strength of the earth tone color with a classic yet trendy design characterizes Sabine & Heem. Likewise, quality materials ensure that clothes can be worn for a long time because they carry a timeless concept that never goes out of fashion.

3. Soleram

Lovers of soft colors like earthy and pastel will definitely love the Soleram collection. Even though he uses colors that are categorized as ‘mature’, his character is still cheerful, which is suitable for children. Who is not excited to see your little one wearing a cardigan and a blazer with a design that is tailored for children.

4. Tykes & Tots

Want to dress up your little one like the British royal family? This collection of smocked dresses with intricate and beautiful details can be an option.

5. Fiyora

Every girl wants to be a princess. Through the collection from Fiyora, this desire becomes very easy to realize with a collection of couture dresses that are still comfortable to wear by children.

6. La Dolce Kids

For those who like an eccentric look, the unisex brand from Bandung designed by La Dolce Kids provides collections with unique patterns and patterns as well as bold colors. Like the combination of animal print and stripes motifs in colorful colors complemented by the latest accessories.

7. Kim & Kin

Always following market demand and the latest trends, this Jakarta-based brand presents a collection of vests, pajamas for the whole family, to holiday clothes. The uniqueness of the pattern is the most awaited.

8. Bathi

The originality of designs with adorable motifs characterizes Bathi which offers a variety of formal and casual clothes. Then, there is a collection for adults for those of you who want to look matchy-matchy with your little one.

9. Ziel

You can find a collection of tank tops and mini skirts with various models here. Ziel also regularly releases collections for holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Chinese New Year.

10. Cotton Cub

Even at home, the daily look must remain cool and especially comfortable. Like the collection from Cotton Cun with 100% certified organic cotton for play clothes to sleepsuits with adorable colors and designs.

11. Nae Tokki

This baby and children’s fashion brand, a specialist in knitting, offers warmth to your little one from the inside out. Not only clothes, but a collection of accessories from ribbons, beeps, to hats are also available.