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You can build a landing page to entice people in and take advantage of limited free advertising credits on Facebook or Google Ads. If people are visiting your product page then it’s a good indication that there’s interest in buying it. When it comes to small business product development, the future is limitless. With small business product development, molehills can quickly become mountains. Limited budgets can make every decision an impactful one, and small teams can find themselves overworked and underfunded. At the same time, small businesses can turn challenges into opportunities by focusing on agility and speed to become faster, more connected, and better prepared to pivot than their larger peers.

  • Before others can capitalise on them as well, you need to quickly launch your business before they grow too popular.
  • When you’re searching online or talking to people and you think to yourself “that’s interesting,” pause and ask yourself if there might be some inspiration in that.
  • It might be a digital product, such as an ebook about some teddy bears who go for a picnic.
  • Reliable connections between your networks and to the internet keep your employees and your customers happy.
  • Once a product is found to be feasible and potentially profitable it can be produced, promoted and sent out to the market.

“This has been telescoped from about four years to just a few weeks. It means that we constantly need to be innovating to get more products on the shelves. The company is having to develop more additional lines to respond to consumers demands and tastes that are changing faster than ever. Consumers are also searching for individuality – and so smaller, niche ranges and smaller runs of products are increasingly popular.

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The next stage in the product life cycle is getting a small sample run of your product and testing it to find out what people think. It’s worth taking time on this stage to do your market research and look at competitors too. Using a SWOT analysis template can be a helpful way to analyse potential strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that could impact development. Finding the right product that’ll delight your customers and meet the needs of today’s society may sound like a daunting task. And as a small business you’ll likely have even more challenges without a financial buffer and large team of people behind you.

The beauty and cosmetics industry includes a wide range of products that is constantly expanding, due to wellness and self-care trends. A sketch is then developed into a sample using a pattern maker or seamstress. During the prototyping phase, a size set is created, which means a range of samples with different measurements for each size you want to sell. Buying from Alibaba is one way to do so, as it’s the most commonly used sourcing platform for overseas production.

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For more help on how to promote your business, take a look at our guides to search engine marketing and advertising. Second, product and business need to be in lockstep and be more agile if they are both to maximize their impact. Having the ability to integrate business and product together is crucial to execute correctly; otherwise, we risk becoming too theoretical.