The Best Online Application for Android Smartphones

The Best Online Application for Android Smartphones. Online shopping activities are very common. Several online buying and selling sites bring together sellers and buyers in cyberspace.

The Best Online Application for Android Smartphones. The payment process is even easier with a number of online payment methods. Buyers only need to wait for the goods to arrive after paying off the payment. Most of these online buying and selling sites develop applications for smartphones which will certainly make it very easy for users. This application comes from an online buying and selling site that is most widely used by Indonesians.


This application is loved by most women because Shopee is a place for cosmetics and goods that are mostly devoted to women. But, besides that, Shopee also has good stuff about automotive and men’s needs. Interestingly, Shopee also sells various KPOP goods, because it has collaborated with YG Entertainment, an entertainment company from South Korea. Shopee is an application that can be downloaded for free to simplify the buying and selling process online. This application provides a chat feature that facilitates real-time communication between sellers and buyers.

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Whatever item you are looking for, everything can be found easily on Lazada. Unlike Tokopedia, Lazada is more selective in choosing sellers who can offer their merchandise on Lazada. So, you don’t need to worry about being cheated because Lazada checks every merchant selling their wares.


Tokopedia makes it easy for everyone to sell online. This popular online buying and selling application is widely used by Indonesians because of its secure payment method.
The buyer will transfer the payment to the Tokopedia account, while Tokopedia will confirm to the seller to send the goods to the buyer. After the buyer receives the item, Tokopedia will forward the payment to the seller.


Next, there is a competitor from Tokopedia who is also a favorite application for buying and selling online, namely Bukalapak. This application offers a simple and hassle-free interface. The process of selling or buying goods at Bukalapak is also very easy.
Just like Tokopedia, Bukalapak also provides safe and varied payment methods. As a seller, the funds will be received into your Bukalapak wallet, then you can immediately withdraw the funds to your personal account.


This online buying and selling site is known to be complete and easily accessible from various devices. However, over time did not want to be left behind in creating special iOS and Android applications. This application offers attractive promos for different product categories every day. In fact, at you can pay in installments.


OLX is the most popular online classifieds or buying and selling application in Indonesia. Before becoming OLX, the name of this site was After 2014, officially joined and the name of this online buying and selling site became OLX.
Now, OLX is present in an application available on iOS and Android. Of course, the process of selling or searching for goods or services through the application is more practical and easier than opening the site on a PC.

KASKUS Buy and Sell

This online buying and selling application is probably well known. Because KASKUS, which is actually an online forum application, is now expanding its wings by providing stalls for sellers as well as buyers of goods. At KASKUS, you can get new or old goods. You can make transfers to purchase goods or you can also meet directly with the seller of the goods. You want to find and buy goods at KASKUS? Directly click here to download the application.