The World’s Most Expensive Children’s Fashion Brand

The World’s Most Expensive Children’s Fashion Brand

Talking about fashion is certainly never-ending. Now there are even hundreds of fashion brands in the world, both for adults and even babies.

With the expertise of stylists to create fashion according to the latest fashion trends and parents who are willing to buy high prices for their babies to maintain their status among the upper class, branded fashion is created that is very expensive and only affordable by certain circles.

What are the most expensive brands? Launching the page, here are the five most expensive baby and children’s fashion brands in the world:


Longchamp is a French fashion company and brand that was founded in 1948. To date, Longchamp already has 1,500 branches worldwide.

This company produces all leather fashion, especially bags. The bags they make are very famous all over the world. Not only adult bags, but they also produce bags to carry baby needs which are sold for US$ 235 or Rp 3.17 million (US$ 1 = Rp 13,521)

John Galliano

John Galliano is a famous fashion company from London. This company has been famous all over the world for its production especially fashion for babies and children. One of the most famous is the bubble dress for a baby girl worth US$ 438 or Rp 5.92 million and a jacket for a baby boy worth US $ 188 or Rp 2.54 million. To know more about computers you can visit this site webimag


Who doesn’t know Fendi? This Italian company has succeeded in producing fashion for adults. However, who would have thought if this company also produces fashion for babies. The baby fashions they produce include beach hats worth US$ 137 or Rp 1.85 million and baby strollers worth US$ 1,092 or Rp 14.76 million.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana or often called D&G is an Italian fashion company that is very well known throughout the world. There have been many public figures who use fashion products from D&G. In addition, it turns out that this company also produces fashion for babies. The fashions produced include hats for baby girls worth US$ 399 or Rp 5.39 million and t-shirts for baby boys worth US$ 50 or Rp 676 thousand.


Burberry is a fashion company from London which is also very famous all over the world. Just like other well-known fashion companies, this company also produces fashion for babies. They made it for a campaign against the babies. The baby fashion they sell is a jacket worth US$ 450 or Rp 6.08 million.